Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Off we go...

Today was our first day back, and we did some activities that I found from other bloggers.

We did a hundreds chart puzzle, which I found at My Second Grade Journal. It was a great activity, and we will play more this week. Then I had them make their own cupcake for birthday displays, which I found the idea at Step into Second Grade with Mrs. Lemons. Obviously the kids cupcakes aren't as well put together, but I thought it would be fun for them. Plus it was a good reminder of the names of the months in English, and a few were unsure of their day. Kinda funny, things you learn about your students in a few moments! Also read the story First Grade Jitters, that led to a good discussion about the main character in the end. To wrap up the day we played Mrs. Mumble, which is a just a silly game you can google if you want to learn how to play. There was most of my first day in a nut shell.

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