Friday, May 31, 2013

Last days!!!

OM's almost over! Yeah!! And the weather has been super sunny and warm, around 73F.

Yesterday we invited all parents and first graders to a BBQ in the evening. It was a success.

Now I am in the middle of packing my classroom and moving it down the hall. I am going to go to IKEA tonight to grab a few tupperwares for organizing some math and English materials.

Tomorrow is Saturday, and we have our spring show and hand out report cards in the morning. Yes, you read that correctly.....going to school on Saturday to end the school year.

If I can get my classroom done tomorrow after the closing ceremonies, then I can start my summer vacation!!!

Here is wishing all of you a great summer!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Currently May

TGIF Folks!! And just in time to catch the May Currently. Drop on by Oh' Boy Forth Grade to link up with Farley's Fab currently. Here is mine folks:

I still can't stop listening to the Bob Marley tribute put together during the Grammys. Just fun and makes you want to move!

I hope the rest of you have a short amount of working days left too! Come on summer (and assessments)!!

Holy Moly!!! I've probably jinxed the weather now that I have announced that it is suppose to get up to 68*F next week Wednesday. I might be able to kick off the wool socks.

I ordered myself a sewing machine and I suppose that will be my summer fun. I need to find some fun projects to make. If you have any good suggestions, please leave a note.

My summer list is as basic as it can get.....just forget about school and city life. Summer cottage here we come!!