Friday, November 7, 2014

Five for Friday

Hey folks! It's the end of another week and time to share. I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday.


Bat Craft

We finished off the month of October with this cute bat sewing craft. I subscribe to the Crafty Crow and this was one of her super cute crafts posted in October. The students loved making them and they turned out super cute. 


Plant Posters

My class has been working on reading text to find key words for their plant posters, typing up their notes and then making a poster. The plants they researched were all related to the Finnish landscape. I was so impressed with their hard work and dedication to this project. I couldn't have imagined trying this last year in first grade with them!


Brain Breaks
Last week during our teacher meeting, we had a speaker from the organization Finnish Schools on the Move. The idea is to add more exercise throughout the school day. My team's goal was to try to do one brain break movement in each lesson. This week I was able to try it twice only, because I just can't remember EVERYTHING! You know the feeling, right? What did we do? We made a large circle and held hands. I was the leader and gave the directions, and students repeated what I said and then did the action. For example: jump left, right, forward, backward. Then I made if more difficult by telling them to repeat my words but do the opposite action. It was fun and only took a few minutes to add some more movement into the school lesson. 



Here in Finland swimming lessons are arranged for all elementary students and are counted towards PE lessons. The city pays for the lessons and buses for transport to the swimming hall. This week we went twice, last week once, and next week 2 more times for a total of 5 lessons. It's kind of fun to get out and do something different from our everyday routines. 


Knitting for myself

This week I started knitting myself wool socks. I saw this yarn at the store and I'm glad I picked it up, because the colors are lovely!

I'm off to enjoy my weekend. I hope you all have a great weekend too! Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Those bats are absolutely adorable! My students would love if we got to go to swim lessons!

  2. Wow, Finland! Knowing how to knit warm scarves and socks will certainly come in handy.
    I'm sure your kids will love more and more brain breaks. I'd say their wiggles will eventually your reminder for one. Good luck making them part of your routine.
    Have a nice week.
    School Is a Happy Place