Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Solar System

Today I wanted my students to read the scholastic series books for Space. I have 6 books at grade 1 reading level. The students had to read the book with a partner, and write one fact on the fact sheet provided with the book. The books are Sun, Moon, Earth, Planets, Starts, Space. I'm sure some of you have them! But since I only had 6 books, that wasn't going to be enough activity for my other students. So then I just gave the other partners some activities.
1-blocks, build a rocket out of blocks
2-draw the solar system, color and label (an example was on the overhead to guide them)
3-write a poem about space, 4 lines (some did great, others needed coaching)
4-write what it would be like if you were traveling in space far away from Earth
5-draw yourself looking at the stars

We will continue this tomorrow for science. I am going to add a few more activities:
6-make an alien out of play dough
7-planet word search

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