Friday, February 3, 2012

Brrr....Hot Chocolate

Well this week we had some freezing temperatures, -20C (-4F) without the windchill. I walk everyday to school with my girls, about a 400m (about 0.3mi). It was pretty brutal the last two days. Then today was only a few degrees warmer -15 and snowing which felt sooo much warmer. I have let the students stay in the past couple of days for recess, and they have been very nice and quiet knowing the alternative would be going outside.
Here is a picture from our walk home, the sun setting around 4pm.

I decided to end my week with some hot chocolate writing, inspired by A Cupcake for the Teacher. I decided last night to purchase this lesson, which was my FIRST EVER TPT purchase! Woo hoo!! Watch out world.

My rant for the week:
I am totally upset that my school has purchased Cleverboards. This would be another company that makes interactive boards. The school system here has not done any research about them and continues to give us no support how to use them. It makes me so mad when I see great Smart Board materials made by all you clever teachers. I can't reproduce these type of items for the Cleverboard, and needless to say the two are not compatible. Anyone with some tips for me, I can use PPT to make slides. But is this really the same?

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  1. That is sad! I have a Smartboard and LOVE it! I wish your district would have done the research!

    Heather's Heart