Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sweden Cruise and Reading Log

I've been trying to enjoy summer, so therefore I've been absent from here. We managed a cruise to Sweden for a few days. It was great and relaxing, even with the kids in tow.

Our Cruise Ship

Sweden is a beautiful old city. I could have stayed longer.
Leaving Sweden
Another cruise liner in front of us, leaving Sweden

Now I have been trying to put together some reading sheets for next years use.
I usually have students just use a log in the start of autumn. This helps them focus on the reading together at home for the first time. Students here don't start their school career until age 7. Plus, they are reading in two languages at home for homework, so it can be a bit overwhelming for busy families to find the time. I have first hand experience with this with my eldest! So start easy and build up from there.

Click here to view.

I know I will have some students that will be ready to read and write,  and I want to have some more detailed response sheets for them them. I am thinking of making a packet for them. That way they stay together and there are no floating papers on my desk. I'll be back with more.